Success Stories

Dr.Ali treated Hassan and he was well-recovered at Aldan Hospital in Wosab Al-Alee, Dhamr Governorate.BFD

Helping Baby to Breathe

Being born into poverty is indeed a grave misfortune a misfortune that, Hassan and many children around Yemen share born on Wusab Alalee District of Dhamar Governorate. Hassan’s family was not just born poor – they lived most of their early lives struggling in a country rife with civil war, and battling against the poverty limitation.

Hassan was a two year old child when he brought in by his parents to Aldan Hospital, suffering from severe pneumonia infection and can’t breathe and since his parents had limited incomes for modern medicine, they had a few consultations mostly involving traditional treatments, which yielded nothing in the end “Hassan’s Father said,” “I couldn’t pay for my family medical bills and no one can help to take them to any hospital.”The road from his village to the city of Dhamar is partially destroyed and unpaved and transporting patients can be very difficult. People sometimes used to carry the patients on their shoulders to the nearest asphalted road. As a response to this dire situation, BFD project fund­ed by OCHA has targeted the most affected families with activities such as health care. Medical Assistant, Ammar and Dr. Ali Saif who are working in Aldan hospital received Hassan and did their best providing him with all the necessary medication, diagnostic, oxygen and drugs that are granted by BFD for free for all the patients. A few hours later Hassan began to open his eyes with more responsive and smiling when he saw his parents “Although every day is a challenge for our kids, I am blessed to have such massive support to our children and they are provided with the health care through these rough days’, Hassan’s mother said “I am in a positive that this support will Continue to keep getting better in the upcoming future as I believe the medical staff is the medical support lovers for patients.

Ammar stressed that,” One such story is Hassan and many other children suffering from the different diseases and hardship. With the intensity of the ongoing war and bad resources income of the family, his parents had no choice”. People are still fighting to defeat the harsh circumstances of the current crisis resulted in raising the devastating toll, particularly on the most vulnerable members of children. The medical Assistant, Ammar said, “Aldan hospital receives all the various patients and thrives to exceed every illness with hopeful recovery and positive attitude”. Today, most of the families came to Aldan hospital feel very pleased as the hospital can manage somehow to participate in the child's care and lifesaving. Therefore, the solution to our Health care problems is in the hands of Donors and BFD partner.

A two year old Child, Hassan suffered from Pneumonia and was admitted to Aldan Hospital